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51,500 XPF
Price valid until 31 Dec 2019

And if you discover a new way of diving by releasing your bottle "on the back"!


3 training dives over 2 days

  • Reduction of height in height (increase of your exploration potential in underwater diving or on wrecks).
  • Improved balance by repositioning the center of gravity.
  • Increased autonomy by using 2 bottles
  • Securing your autonomy by keeping your gas stock under the eyes and at hand.
  • Flexibility and total modularity: 1 to 4 bottles of volume adapted to your needs in gas.
  • Lightweight and compact size of the sidemount harness when traveling (weight less than a conventional vest).
  • Control of the position of the bottles for the passage in narrow zone (faults or small wrecks).
  • Redundancy management for wreck, ceiling or mandatory decompression dives (virtual ceiling).
  • Management of the stock of gas and bottles separated according to the objectives of diving.
  • Response to incident situations, autonomously and in teams (gas leak, continuous flow regulator, air crash).
  • Improvement of diving techniques (frog-kick, stationary palmage, back-flipping, fixed-point rotation).
  • Learning to use a spool as a breadcrumb or to deploy a Surface Marker Buoy.
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