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Photo credits

A big thank you to all those photographers who knew how to capture the magic of Polynesia, the laughter and smiles of the divers, the beauties of this underwater world ...

  • Jean-Daniel Coulomb
  • Fred Pons
  • Steve Sigrut
  • Laurent Trouchet
  • Frédérique Legrand
  • Christophe L'Ecrivain
  • Marie-Charlotte Ropert
  • George Wegmann
  • Philippe Bourjon
  • Pierre Laffargue
  • Jean-Paul Serra
  • Brigit Jaeger
  • Tim Yuen
  • Ben Thouard
  • Jean Debande
  • NASA
  • PADI

Title banner

Special distinction for ** Fred Pons (Scubeyes) ** for his photo, support of the title banner of our site!


In the game of French/English translation, everything is not always easy to understand what you want to write or express.
Thank you to Margot Serrurier , Marie-Charlotte Ropert and Clémentine Séguigne for sharing with us their experience of the subtlety of the English language to transcribe the spirit of our philosphy or correct our translation errors.