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Coral: The Craftsman of the future

17,500 XPF
Price valid until 31 Dec 2024

Embark on a discovery of the coral reef, fragile, unstable and yet millenary, whose engineering and adaptability are of infinite richness.


For 18 million years, maintaining and adapting its habitat according to external constraints, inhabitants, and their vital needs, coral has become a master in the art of building; being at the same time the architect, the design office, the builder, a user and trustees of the underwater environment.

Program content (1/2 day):

  • Presentation of the topics related to coral
  • Initiation and observation keys to the proposed theme dive
  • Dive dedicated to the coral observation and understanding
  • Analysis and decoding of observations and innovation perspectives
  • Certificate of participation


  • From 2 participants
  • Minimum certification level: Open Water Diver or equivalent
  • Open from 12 years old

Program led and directed in collaboration with the Polynesian Institute of Biomimicry

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